We are in the midst of a reorganization of our economy in which the platform owners are seemingly developing power that may be even more formidable than was that of the factory owners in the early industrial revolution. Our portfolio of completed projects spans across different niches and countries and showcases that we genuinely love what we’re doing. WTT-Solutions is a team of believers who always aim to not just create software but to develop a product that will be the exact reflection of the client’s ideas. By using an open-source digital platform, you can save on development costs — all you need to pay for setup and implementation. A modern digital platform enables enterprises to integrate existing enterprise systems, third-party applications, internal or external portals, and more. Vincit is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we’ll only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you requested from us.

  • Cloud computing rests on the virtualization and abstraction of computing processes.
  • The coexistence of rivalry and collusion – a key feature of Cowling’s monopoly capitalism – persists and takes new forms in the digital economy.
  • These may include marketing, sales, training, customer support, and administration.
  • Use cloud DevOps practices to bring new software applications into production faster.
  • Founded in 2020, ScaleWorx specializes in helping startups and mid-sized enterprises with Infrastructure and DevOps services.
  • Should we view these disruptions as creating a flood of viable entrepreneurial possibilities or as destroying the security of employment relations for many?
  • After receiving all the specifications and the relevant behavior models for a positive user experience, our UI/UX specialists create the platform’s or your apps’ visual and tactile elements.

Entrepreneurs are particular beneficiaries here, even without the constraints to fund the total costs of a platform business upfront, which have access to new markets and distribution channels. But many platforms by their very nature prove to be winner-take-all markets, in which only one or two companies survive, and the platform owner is able to appropriate a generous portion of the entire value created by all the users on the platform. More important, however, is that as the power is centralized, the platform owner can become a virtual monopolist. Perhaps competition among platforms in a similar domain, Uber and Lyft for example, might mute the consequences of the power inside the platform. In any case, a monopoly position or even a strong oligopoly might inhibit, or sharply constrain, further entrepreneurial efforts. One of the key element to keep in mind in the creation of a business platform is to build some a business environment where you can promote your business values and your customers and users can benefit from these values.

What Is Corporate Innovation?

Industry best practices that chart every step from ideation to launch and deliver faster-time-to-market. Several databases for various purposes provide greater velocity, speed, and stability. Tristan Harris talks about the challenge of online misinformation, ways to govern artificial intelligence, and a vision of technology that strengthens democracy.

What is digital platform development

By simply creating your business profile on these platforms and uploading regular content you can expand your customer’s base. The probability of converting regular readers into potential customers has doubled in the recent years. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora are popular and widely used platforms for lead generation. Utilizing a company like Fireart as your digitalization partner, a team with extensive experience, you may develop and deploy cutting-edge digital solutions for all your users, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, or service providers, etc. Fireart provides a complete range of development services, including B2B commerce consultancy and digital platform deployment, app concept UX/UI and beyond.

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In other words, such “sharing” solutions could have unforeseen ripple effects on entire market ecosystems, as encyclopedia and book publishers are discovering to their dismay. We create digital platforms that integrate and unite your marketing tech tools so your team can make intelligent decisions and execute on your organization’s mission-critical goals. Digital platforms are the software and technologies that integrate and streamline business operations with IT systems bringing it to a new level.

Moove IT, December Labs Merge to Form Leading Nearshore … – Business Wire

Moove IT, December Labs Merge to Form Leading Nearshore ….

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However, the data also provides control, rent extraction opportunities and market-shaping power. Most middle-income countries do not have large domestically owned multinationals able to invest substantial resources at early stages of technology development, scaling-up and commercialisation. Similarly, these countries lack public resources to compete with the two leading countries – USA and China – in basic and intermediate research for development of key enabling technologies of the digital platform economy. Excel SoftSources provides digital platform development services to help your business stay competitive while you build a closer connection to your staff and community. Businesses of every size and structure are developing platforms for growth to remain competitive in the new digital socio-economic landscape.


Over 100 professionals make up our company, including certified B2B ecommerce developers, digital tech advisors, UI/UX designers, business analysts and more. To overcome your company issues, you can easily make use of their specialized industry knowledge. Pelkmans, 2006) with an emphasis on horizontality (hence, non-selectivity) and a level playing field .

Our user experience and content strategy work produces design recommendations that are brought to life in the form of mood boards, wireframes, and mobile-responsive designs. API integration allows apps to easily communicate with third-party services and programs, exchange data with them, and reflect all changes in real-time. When developing a new platform, we focus on the enhancements that we can provide to our clients. We can manifest them in a variety of ways, but what we love the most, is when our products deliver genuine results and are positively reflected in business performance. Inspiring possibility and providing technology & platform development for some of the most recognizable brands on the planet.

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A systematic literature review was undertaken with 133 relevant articles taken from major information systems journals, conferences, and business publications to provide a sound definition of the IT-platform concept by identifying its distinguishing dimensions. I give consent digital platform development to the processing of my personal data given in the contact form above as well as receiving commercial and marketing communications under the terms and conditions of Intellias Privacy Policy. It is the additional total of all the interactions that a customer has with a brand.

What is digital platform development

Any company’s operational and consumer engagement backbone lies in its digital platform and how it works. Fireart is a professional service company that employs designers, developers, consultants and other specialists to charge clients for their expertise and specialized labor. Any firm may employ one person or thousands, and we may provide advice in various fields, including management, engineering, and other fields as well as backup your team with our experts on flexible and mutually beneficial terms. Amsden and Singh in the study of Korea and Japan, to advance policy recommendations for today’s middle-income countries facing digital platform power. Excel SoftSources follows the Agile methodology of digital platform development, so we’re always moving forward on your platform, sharing central data and progress between all teams.

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Hymer , direct foreign investments were also driven by the strategic attempt of multinationals to restrain competition between enterprises in different nations and extract greater profits. This includes leveraging their international structure of centralised planning and corporate control and, in so doing, by reducing competition in these markets towards global collusive oligopoly. Cowling emphasised that incumbents’ ability to deter entry is mostly about a ‘strategic capability’ pertaining to organisational competences in management, technology, R&D, marketing and distribution, and not simply about ‘excess capacity’ in production. Excel SoftSources understands the positive impact your online platform can have when given the level of care you deserve at every stage of software development.

What is digital platform development

That software layer, that algorithmic fabric, is being extended to cover manufacturing, giving birth to the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything, or the Industrial Internet, with its implied webs of sensor networks. It is no exaggeration to say that software was formerly embedded in things, but now things—services as well as physical objects—are woven into software-based network fabrics. This software layer extends the availability and lowers the cost of access to digital tools and traditional tools accessed by and controlled by digital processes. Moreover, costs drop through the use of open-source software, cloud storage and computing, and physical spaces such as those provided by TechShops that enable individuals to work with advanced industrial-scale equipment. Among other consequences, this certainly lowers the cost of entry for newcomers. We prefer the term “platform economy,” or “digital platform economy,” a more neutral term that encompasses a growing number of digitally enabled activities in business, politics, and social interaction.

What Are the Different Types of Platform Developers?

In other cases, it is formalizing previously less organized or locally organized work. Still other platforms, such as app stores and YouTube, are creating entirely new value-creating activities that are formalizing into what can be seen as precarious careers, such as a YouTube producer or smartphone app developer. Finally, existing organizations are creating new digital and social media marketing departments and jobs. The question in these cases is what system of control and value capture will be in place. Our sense is not necessarily that there will be less work, but that for a growing number of jobs, the relationship with an employer will be more tenuous than ever. One possibility is a society in which the preponderance of the work and value creation is more dispersed than ever before, even as the platform owners centralize the transactions and capture their value.

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